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Salisbury FC Catering

Salisbury FC Catering

As well as having Premier League clients around the country, we try hard to serve and engage with the local community. When the opportunity arose to become matchday caterers at Salisbury FC we jumped at the chance.

We have free reign over what food is served. We are providing food for Directors and Hospitality Boxes before the game and for the players, officials and coaching staff after the game. In addition we will be providing the catering for a range of other events (both football-related and not) planned for the club. There are great facilities there and we hope to help the club make more use of them.

We’ll be making little tweaks to normal everyday food to make sure we minimise the bad stuff and maximise the good. For example, something as simple as swapping some of the mince for a few lentils in a Bolognese has the multiple benefits of: reducing the fat content; increasing the fibre, and providing a wide range of vitamins and minerals (e.g. B6, thiamine, folate, iron, magnesium etc), which are central to a healthy diet. There is a vegan player and a vegetarian coach, so there is always a plant-based option available.

Everyone has been very positive about the food. Most of the players are really hungry after the game so really appreciate having a good meal to tuck into. We always enjoy seeing people appreciate food we’ve cooked. Service time is the highlight because of that. The people running the club are all really friendly and it is a pleasure to go to work there on match days.

Discreet & Delicious

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