Veggie/Vegan pop up at the Corner House Pub, Winchester

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On Wednesday 18th May, in collaboration with the Corner House Pub in Winchester, we will be giving our exciting Talk Eat Laugh Pop Up restaurant a vegetarian and vegan make-over. 


Platter of Starters (All Vegan, all delicious, all GF)

  • Avocado, mango, red onion, orange and coriander salsa with a choice of GF or olive bread
  • Mini Aubergine and black bean Involtini baked in onion sauce and topped with smoked garlic tofu
  • Still warm out of the oven spiced roasted chickpeas

Palette Cleanser (vegan GF)

  • Shot Glass of Heritage Tomato Gazpacho

Main Course

  • Vegetarian : Dolcelatte and Hampshire Apple Strudel accompanied by preserved pears, glazed in a walnut butter (walnut glaze optional)
  • Vegan (GF too) : Cauliflower and Cumin risotto (the 'rice' is made out of cauliflower) with peas and wilted spinach finished with extra virgin olive oil

Sides (all vegan, all GF)

  • Sweet potato Duchess Potatoes
  • Local Asparagus served with hot with a fresh lemon dressing
  • Local Watercress and carrot salad with orange and hazelnut dressing (can be minus the hazelnut)

Pudding (all vegan, all GF, you get all 3)

  • Chocolate Tofu Ginger Mousse
  • Coconut milk Arancini with Caramel Mango centre, fried until crispy
  • The best local fruit on the day (probably Rhubarb with a hint of vanilla), simply stewed to bring out the flavour

 On the side, Homemade Yoghurt (vegetarian) or Vegan Yoghurt

Discreet & Delicious

In 1988, a crack commando unit was sent to university by their A level results for a crime they didn't commit. These students eventually escaped from a maximum security stockade to the european underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as private chefs. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire Discreet and Delicious .