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    The private chef runs a restaurant with a difference

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Phil Foden Feature, Daily Telegraph

Phil Foden Feature, Daily Telegraph

Talk Eat Laugh Performance Chef Adam explains to James Ducker of The Telegraph how we work with the nutritionists to ensure the players are getting everything they need from their diets, whilst also making them delicious food:

Diet of a champion: Salmon and brown rice

That attention to detail extends to his diet. Since August, Foden has employed a private chef, Adam Selby, who works in close consultation with City’s sports nutritionist, Tom Parry, to tailor Foden’s meals to his needs. “The shocking thing is I hear him ordering salmon a lot now and he never used to eat that!” mum Claire says. “He used to have low iron levels, but that’s all up to scratch now. Adam has done an amazing job.”

“We’ve had a big push on salmon recently just to get his omega 3 to the ratio where the club need it,” says Selby, who works for Talk Eat Laugh, a private catering firm. Foden’s favourites now include wild salmon with a honey, soy and ginger glaze, wholegrain rice and bok choy or mangetout and grass-fed Swaledale beef fillet cooked medium-rare with broccoli, new potatoes and a splash of peppercorn sauce. His preferred pre-match meal is little simpler: pesto pasta. City’s players have regular testing and Parry will feed back to Selby which micronutrients Foden requires and if he needs more iron-rich food but the culinary imagination is left to the chef. “Phil’s open to trying lots of different things,” Selby says. “He’s definitely one of the better players I’ve worked with in that regard”.

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